Top 5 Free Websites for HQ Images for Commercial Use

You might be an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration. Maybe an up-and-coming entrepreneur looking for stock photography to add to your website. Whatever your profession, it is a good idea to have some stock photography websites at your disposal. That’s why we would like to share with you a list of the five best stock photography websites online to ensure that you have access to millions of free stock images instantly.

How Free Is Free?

There’s been always a question of how free “free” is. Some websites allow you to download images for private use, for instance background wallpapers, however they disallow pictures for commercial use. This includes instances as websites, business cards, or posters. The websites in the list below are protected under Creative Commons CC0.

The following websites either support, or are fully composed of CC0 images available in the public domain. The permission was given by owners of these images for users to modify, edit, and use their images without copyright backlash.

1. Freerange

All you need is to register for a free membership at Freerange, thousands of high-resolution stock images will be at your fingertips for free. It is possible to use all the images offered by this website for personal or commercial projects. For photographers, Freerange also offers Google AdSense revenue sharing when you contribute. In addition to thousands of unique images, the site also has about 20,000 CCo photos, most of which have accurate keywords and descriptions.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is a side project, it was started by Crew which is an online marketing agency dedicated to making your design dreams a reality.

Besides providing free stock photography, Unsplash also showcases graphic design work done by users with their MadeWith section.

3. Pexels

Pexels is a website that wants to help designers. Started in 2015, it has grown to develop a reputable stock image library. Its mission statement phrases their aim best.

Pexels is also unique in that it doesn’t only display images located on the Pexels website. It also outsources images from high-quality websites like GratisographyLittle Visuals, and more.

4. Flickr

Usually Flickr is not dedicated to public domain, however they provide high-quality public domain pictures.

It is one of the greatest picture libraries on the internet. With over 3 million, high-quality public domain images alone, I doubt you’ll run out of stock photography anytime soon.

5. Life of Pix

It was created by LEEROY advertising agency in Montreal, Canada, Life of Pix is a haven for free, public domain photography. Better yet, their Life of Vids website contains even more impressive stock video footage, completely for free!