How to Create Royalty Free Images that Sell: 7 Tips to Use

How to Create Royalty Free Images that Sell: 7 Tips to Use
How to Create Royalty Free Images that Sell: 7 Tips to Use 2017-12-12T03:00:03+00:00

Interested in selling royalty free images? You have come to the right place! Read this article and discover how to create and design royalty-free photos that sell! Use our 7 tips!

If you are a photographer, you probably know that selling your creative work by now has never been easier! There were a lot of online microstock agencies and websites that were eager to have your photos. During the early years, things were super easy and the sales were plentiful for all photographers (both professional and amateurs) as the market was still in its beginning and agencies and websites were rushing to fill their photo archives. Today, things have changed, especially when it comes to the competition. Today, you can’t just upload a random photo from your laptop as there is a special selection of photos as the competition among providers is getting fierce. Today, there are incredibly talented artists and photographers who are competing for the same pool of customers, and if you are lucky to be chosen by the major microstock websites you need to have an edge, something that differentiates your work from the others. You need something to help you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of both microstock agencies and buyers. For some inspiration on how to sell your photos click here.

Sell your creative work

In this article, we are going to present you a few tips that will help you create royalty free images that sell:

  1. Be unique – you need to create a persona that will make people remember your portfolio, as well as, your style.
  2. Quality over quantity – You need to keep in mind that quality is way important than quantity. Today, there are a lot of photos one can choose from, however, as long as you offer high-quality and high-resolution photos, your work is always going to be appreciated. Fill your portfolio with amazing, beautiful and good quality photos only and we can guarantee you that you will be able to step aside from the crowd.
  3. You can forget about common themes – Sunsets, cats, dogs, these are common themes are they don’t sell anymore. If you search any major stock website for any of these themes you will realize that there are millions of photos that all look the same. If you want to be unique, you need to forget about common themes.
  4. People photos are always popular – The people photos have always been the most wanted and the most popular and the truth is that they always will be. The good thing about these photos is that there is always a need for fresh photos as the hairstyles and clothing trends change over time.
  5. Concepts sell – Remember, concepts always sell! So, think about metaphors and phrases in your everyday life and create royalty free images around that. A creative concept photo will always outsell a boring standard picture of a plate of food or flower.
  6. Use bright colors – Believe it or not, bright colors will make your photos stand out in the crowd. One thing you can do to increase traffic and attract more people to see your portfolio is to create photos with a lot of contrast and vivid colors. This will surely help your photos to stand out from the crowd, especially when a potential buyer is looking at a website of more than a hundred photos on one particular theme.
  7. Always leave room for typography – The chances are that buyers will be editing your photos and they will add titles and text to complete their design until it suits their personal or commercial needs. That is why you should always leave room for typography.

Use these tips and you will stay ahead of the competition for sure!

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